Its dinner time!

I love Apartment Therapy's whole "eat at home" philosophy. At first, I rebelled against this rule. We were an "order out" family. Even when we attempted the AT fall cure I tried to embrace the eating at home thing but it was so much easier to pick up food on my way home.

One resolution I made for this cure was to make a conscious decision to plan, cook and eat at home. To actually sit and eat with my family, or at least my husband on a nightly basis.
At first it was hard, then, as you can see from the plates above, it became enjoyable, and then tonight we ordered out and it was gross. We just sat we had nothing to say, nothing to do, we just sat and looked at one another.

It is not the actually act of eating that I enjoy it is the food preparation that rocks. Addie running at our feet as Sean and I silently read each others minds (read: I boss Sean around) to make a meal before Quinn has to go to bed. Then to sit at the table, one of us holding Quinn, the other feeding Addie from our plate, while we discuss how we will tweak the recipe for "next time"

Note: The above picture was homemade hummus served with warmed pita bread and a glass of Merlot.


Alana in Canada said...

That's wonderful. I'm home during the day, so I've no excuse not to make supper--and after 11 years it gets a little old. But you're absolutely doing the right thing for yourselves. It's good you did this now before your kids taste buds get so used to non-home cooked food they'd flat out refuse to eat home cooking.
Good luck with this journey. It's a great one.
(PS: have you looked into freezer cooking? You make up a batch of dinners and freeze them--then on frazzled nights all you have to do is thaw and heat and eat.)

Brit said...

i'd like your hummus recipe ... ashley is all hung up on hummus lately! maybe we can add it to our greek night

PS. I really like your picture with this post!!