Curing with kids SUCKS!!!

I am posting cute pictures of my children in hopes it will distracts anyone from noticing I have not posted about the Cure or my accomplishments all week. That is because minimal Cure work has been completed. The following is my well formulated excuse (and heartfelt rationalization):
I can not find the time to tackle any Cure projects because by the time I get Addie and Quinn to bed and then pack the diaper bag, pick up toys, clean their bathroom, and wash their clothes, I am exhausted. So I am going to have to drastically scale back on Cure projects, or just allot myself twice the time to complete me scheduled projects.
I did, however, embrace the starting of the Cure to also be the re-start of family dinners at home and that is working out rather nicely. I posted our menu, and I am happy to report that we have eaten in every night this week. Last night was our favorite so far. We made hummus. It was divine. From now on we will be stocking the pantry with Chickpeas, tahini and pita bread.


Alana in Canada said...

Oh my, your kids are really young. I barely survived when my kids were that young--in fact I'm only now beginning to recover (and they're seven and ten!)

Scale back: the house will always be there. And the kids won't be this age forever. Try and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

that kid is incredible. man...sean jr!

Jessica said...

what does the mommy doing the cure say?

you can do it!!