Apartment What?????

Since my brand new computer REFUSES to let me upload pictures, I will have to describe what I have accomplished thus far:

1.) I took everything out of my panty, painted the shelves white, and reload and reorganized the pantry.
2.) Took everything out of my cabinets, cleaned them and reloaded and rearranged.
3.) Bought a brand new computer to make blogging easier, which has made blogging harder.
4.) Cleaned the dining room, bought new placemats to add color, cleaned high chair and booster seat.
5.) Purchased and displayed, Gerber daisies in hot pink, white tulips (for Easter) and Belles of Ireland (for St. Patty's Day).
6.) Cleaned Kitchen floor
7.) Went through BOTH kids closets and started collecting thing for the biggest Garage Sale Ever.


Alana in Canada said...

What a pain about the computer. I'm sure you'll get it figured out.

You painted your shelves?

Lots of work done; good for you!

kelli said...

Thanks Alana!!!!