Rule # 501 I will cure my office and keep it functional.

This is the insanity that is my work space. I had more incriminating photos which portrayed the actual mounds of paper that currently act as a "filing system" but I was too embarrassed to post them. Can you imagine this is were I spend 8 hours of my day??? No wonder I have no energy and can not focus! So it has begun. This is my jump start project for the Spring Cure.

The Game plan:
  1. Provide every piece of paper with a home.
  2. Rearrange equipment to be more functional
  3. Clear ALL clutter
  4. Bring a little bit of home to work (kids photos, color pens, COLOR)
  5. DIY Bulletin Board

I will have this project completed by Friday and hope that walking into my office will no longer cause me to wish for death.

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Alana in Canada said...

My, that is rather depressing. Is this at home or at the Office?